Uche Okereke-Fisher

Call 2015


Admitted as a solicitor in 2007 and called to the Bar in 2015, Uche has developed a wealth of international experience as a lawyer practising in private practice and in-house legal departments. Uche’s core areas of practice include employment law, administrative law, immigration law and matters heard in the Mental Health Review Tribunal. Her broader practice also extends to commercial law and equity and she accepts briefs from law firms, corporations and in-house legal counsel.

Uche possesses a wide range of unique skills and expertise with respect to contractual disputes, having been instrumental in negotiating multi-billion-dollar contracts while practising as a solicitor. Her clients value her for her strong commerciality, attention to detail, and high levels of motivation to achieve the best possible results. They benefit from her world of experience and prior exposure to individuals in high levels of office and executive management. The primary jurisdictions in which she appears is the Supreme Court of New South Wales, Federal Court of Australia, Federal Circuit Court and Family Court of Australia, Fair Work Commission and Local Court of New South Wales.

Prior to being called to the Bar, Uche held the positions of Senior Corporate Counsel, Head of Legal, Chief Contracts Negotiator and Legal and Compliance Manager for multiple ICT multi-national companies including Hewlett Packard, Avaya and Salesforce. A component of her work as a lawyer and practice at the Bar has also included commercial advisory work for small businesses. With a true global presence, Uche has previously lived in France, New York, Singapore and London and is available to appear as Counsel in international matters.

Uche holds a Masters of Business Administration (MBA) from Ecole Superieure de Gestion in Paris, a Masters of Law (with Distinction) from the University of Sydney, a Bachelor of Laws and Bachelor of Arts (English language) from the University of London. Uche serves as a current member of the Diversity and Equality Committee of the New South Wales Bar Association.


Select Matters (Unled unless otherwise stated)

Supreme Court

Federal Court of Australia

Federal Circuit Court of Australia

Fair Work Commission

  • Alexis King v D.C lee & L.J Lyons Fair Work Commission [2016] FWC 1664 – unfair dismissal case; appeared for the applicant; case decided in favour of the applicant.  
  • Cardosa v Australian Automotive Group Pty Ltd  T/A City Ford, Fair Work Commission U2015/12870 – unfair dismissal case; appeared for the applicant. 
  • Ehsan Haq vs NSW Health Pathology IRC 964 of 2015 (Industrial Relations Court) – unfair dismissal; appeared for the applicant. 
  • De Paiva Souza, Debora v Apple Study Group Pty Ltd T/A Apple Study Group U2016/974 – unfair dismissal case; appeared for the respondent. 
  • Calvey v The Law Society of New South Wales C2017/963 – unfair dismissal case; appeared for the applicant. 

NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal

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