Max J Kimber SC

Date of call to the bar: 1977

Date appointed silk: 1999

Academic Qualifications/Achievements:
- Employment & Industrial
- B.Comm/LLB, University of New South Wales, 1977 (Industrial Relations major)
- Fullbright Scholarship, 1978
- Master of Laws, University of Virginia, USA, 1978 (Labour Law major)
- LEADR Mediation Training, 1992
- LEADR Advanced Mediation Training, 1994
- Nationally Accredited (Experienced) Mediator, 2010


Max commenced as a practising barrister in 1979 after completing postgraduate studies in the USA on a Fulbright Scholarship. He was appointed Senior Counsel in 1999. The focus of his work over 30 years has always been the resolution of workplace issues whether via litigation in Federal and State courts; by conciliation or arbitration before Federal and State Industrial tribunals; or via private negotiation or mediation. He has acted for employees, contractors, unions as well as for employers across a vast range of industries. He has also acted for the Federal government and regularly acts for the NSW Government especially in the fields of health, police and payroll tax.

Max played a central role in the development of unfair contract law in New South Wales and has recently conducted ground breaking litigation as to the operation of the Independent Contractors Act 2006 (Cth).

Max trained as a Mediator in 1992 and has extensive experience with the mediation process having participated as either mediator or counsel in more than 4000 hours of mediation, many involving Australia's biggest companies.

In more recent times he has enjoyed facilitating the resolution of disagreements within organisations, increasingly without lawyers. He is a regular presenter at mediation forums and mentors new mediators. Max sees himself as a "resolutionary" - committed to the prevention and early resolution of conflict with a focus on fostering better communication and listening skills and on the identification of common interests.

Max has recently founded Max Kimber Communication to deliver mediation and a range of other business services: see

Contact Details:
Tel: +61 2 9223 1522
Fax: +61 2 9223 7646