Max J Kimber SC

Date of call to the bar: 1977

Date appointed silk: 1999

Academic Qualifications/Achievements:
- Employment & Industrial
- B.Comm/LLB, University of New South Wales, 1977 (Industrial Relations major)
- Fullbright Scholarship, 1978
- Master of Laws, University of Virginia, USA, 1978 (Labour Law major)
- LEADR Mediation Training, 1992
- LEADR Advanced Mediation Training, 1994
- Nationally Accredited (Experienced) Mediator, 2010

Max Kimber SC is widely recognised as a competent and hardworking expert in the fields of industrial and employment law and has been responsible for significant developments in these areas of law.

For instance he played a central role in the development of the "Unfair Work Contract" jurisprudence in New South Wales (s.106 Industrial Relations Act 1996) and in recent years has played a pivotal role in establishing the principles governing the power of the Commissioner of Police to 'remove' police officers on 'loss of confidence' grounds under the Police Act 1990 and the review rights of those officers. This has involved prosecuting and defending numerous Court of Appeal actions.

He has also been involved in ground breaking Federal Court litigation as to the scope and operation of the Federal Independent Contractors Act.
He has developed an extensive and successful practice, over 30 years, advising employees, employers and government departments (most notably Health, Education and Police as well as the OSR) about employment and 'work' issues and as to how best to manage issues and resolve disputes cost effectively including via ADR. He still appears as counsel in such processes, especially conciliation and mediation.
He also acts as a Mediator with particular expertise with respect to employment contract and related matters and in the last ten years has regularly mediated both Court ordered and other disputes across this field, with a very high success rate.

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Contact Details:
Tel: +61 2 9223 1522
Fax: +61 2 9223 7646