Andrew D Campbell

Date of call to the bar: 1999

Areas of Expertise:
Medical Negligence
Appellate Advocacy
Common Law
Personal Injury Law
Consumer Law
Professional Negligence
Insurance Contracts Law
Administrative Law and Judicial Review
Mediation and alternate Dispute Resolution

In his years at the Bar Andrew has developed a very busy Plaintiff's practice covering the full breadth of personal injury.

Andrew appears regularly in Court from the District Court to the Supreme Court and Appellate Jurisdictions whilst advising and assisting in the resolution of claims through alternate dispute resolution.

Some interesting cases he has been involved in are:
Humphreys v Mulco Steel [2006] NSWCA 139
Hume v Patterson [2013] (NSWSC 1203 Elayoubi v Zipser [2008] NSW CA 335 Jaffarie v Quality Castings Pty Ltd
[2015] NSW CA

Contact Details:
Tel: +61 2 9223 1522
Fax: +61 2 9223 7646